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Scotch Combination Mop

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Scotch Combination Mop

It is used for cleaning the rust, slag and burrs of metal surfaces as well as finishing the hard-to-reach spots. In addition to the mold industry, it is widely used in many other sectors.

Hand Mop Dimensions

Ø 20x15x6
Ø 25x20x6
Ø 25x25x6
Ø 25x30x6
Ø 30x10x6
Ø 30x15x6
Ø 30x20x6
Ø 30x25x6
Ø 30x30x6
Ø 40x20x6

Ø 40x25x6
Ø 40x30x6
Ø 40x40x6
Ø 50x15x6
Ø 50x20x6
Ø 50x25x6
Ø 50x30x6
Ø 50x40x6
Ø 60x15x6
Ø 60x20x6

Ø 60x25x6
Ø 60x30x6
Ø 60x40x6
Ø 60x50x6
Ø 80x15x6
Ø 80x20x6
Ø 80x25x6
Ø 80x30x6
Ø 80x40x6
Ø 80x50x6