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Scotch Handle Mop

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Scotch Handle Mop

Scotch mop sanders are used in the final polishing stage. They take the shape of the polished surface. Therefore, they give ideal results on shaped surfaces. Since they can be produced in small diameters, they are particularly comfortable to use in narrow spaces.

Hand Mop Dimensions

Ø 20x15x6
Ø 25x20x6
Ø 25x25x6
Ø 25x30x6
Ø 30x10x6
Ø 30x15x6
Ø 30x20x6
Ø 30x25x6
Ø 30x30x6
Ø 40x20x6

Ø 40x25x6
Ø 40x30x6
Ø 40x40x6
Ø 50x15x6
Ø 50x20x6
Ø 50x25x6
Ø 50x30x6
Ø 50x40x6
Ø 60x15x6
Ø 60x20x6

Ø 60x25x6
Ø 60x30x6
Ø 60x40x6
Ø 60x50x6
Ø 80x15x6
Ø 80x20x6
Ø 80x25x6
Ø 80x30x6
Ø 80x40x6
Ø 80x50x6